Hello from Ome!

Our First Post

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Hello from our first post on our new home. Thank you for stopping by! Since this is our first post, we’ll be starting off with a little introduction about Omelette Magazine, or, as we’ve found ourselves affectionately referring to it, Ome (Oh-may). So here’s our elevator pitch: we’re a Singapore-based online literary magazine which aims to feature creative work from all around the world — but we’re especially committed to uplifting emerging Singaporean writers and artists and giving them a platform on which to showcase their work! 

Ome is very much a labour of love. We’re young Singaporean writers ourselves, and we’ve long envisioned creating a space to share and to spotlight our own, and our fellow artists’, creativity. Whether that’s in the form of poetry or prose, art or photography (check out our SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES for the full list of creative work we accept for publication!) is up to you—all we want to do is cheer on the emerging voices in our community! This community, of course, includes not only our local writers and artists but also international creatives, and we welcome all submissions from everywhere and everyone in the world. Whoever and wherever you are, we’d love to read your work, and we’ll be honoured if you do submit to us. We will have regular calls for submissions with a prompt/theme, and chosen submissions will form periodic issues. 

We'll soon be having a call for submissions for our first issue ever, theme to be announced soon! We hope we've covered most of possible FAQs on the About page, and specific Submissions Guidelines can be found on its own page. Feel free to shoot us an email, or DM us on any of our social media if you have any other questions. 

Hope to see you soon. Get cracking!

Serene and Nikki